Tryouts occur in early October of each year, typically over 2 weekends to accommodate all age groups.  To participate, you must add the “Tryout” option to your registration or contact if you have already registered and wish to add your player(s) to the tryout list.


An initial announcement and schedule for the tryouts will be posted in late September, with the most frequent updates being to our Facebook page.  The typical tryout schedule will include the following steps:

  • A non-marked on-ice practice where coaches will guide players through the tryout drills
  • 1 to 2 marked sessions where third-party evaluators will assess the players
  • A limited number of players may be assigned to teams following the on-ice marked sessions, and will not be required to participate in the scrimmage games
  • The remaining players will be scheduled for 1 or 2 scrimmage games where evaluators will finalize their assessments.


All U15 and U18 players looking to tryout must have completed a checking clinic at least once to be allowed to tryout.


We recognize that tryouts can be very stressful for players and parents alike and try our best to keep the wait times for results to be posted to a minimum.  We often try to schedule the marked sessions and scrimmages within a few days for each age group, posting results by the end of each tryout weekend so that players know before going back to school the following week. 


Note that while our regular coaching staff does help on-ice during the tryouts, West Hants Minor Hockey relies on evaluators from partner associations (Acadia, Valley Maple Leafs, etc.) to score our players.  This is done to minimize bias and to ensure a fair evaluation process.   Tryout placements are final.  Any concerns related to the tryouts or questions around scheduling when your player may also be trying out for U13AAA, high school teams, etc., should be directed to