Budgeting for Hockey

This page provides a summary of the different fees you may need to budget for the hockey season.  Information is also provided on how some of the fees are set.

Registration & Rep Fees

Our association is a registered non-profit supported by dedicated volunteers, and we are committed to trying to keep fees for participation in hockey as low as possible.  Our annual operating budget is on the order of $250,000/year, with more details on the cost of ice rentals, referees, provincial fees, etc. available in our most recent AGM Report found under the Resources section of this website.

Each Summer we receive ice rental rates and referee rates for the upcoming season and based on last year’s number of players and ages, we determine registration fees needed to operate for the next year.

Base registration fees for each player covers insurance fees, admin fees (Teamsnap, website, etc), coach training, and actual ice usage (U7/U9) or 1.5 hours of equivalent ice-time per week (U11 and above).  Teams that use more than the 1.5 hours of equivalent ice-time per week (B, A, AA level teams, or U15C/U18C teams) are then charged an additional “Rep” fee that covers the extra ice and referee costs associated with those teams.  The Rep fee is charged to the team and is payable in early December, with teams often fundraising or splitting the cost between players.

Registration fees change each year.  For 2022/2023, the fees are as follows:


Level/Division Base Registration* Rep Fees (Charged to Team)
U11B, A, AA6954200
U13 B/A/AA7254200
U15 B, A, AA7654200
U18 (All Levels)7954200
Tryout Fee110
*Returning goalies typically pay 1/2 of the noted Base Registration Fee
**First time players who have never had a Hockey ID are given a 1-time $200 discount on Base Registration.
***Includes U9 Placement Fee

Personal Budgets

In addition to the registration and tryout/placement fees, you should budget additional funds to cover your portion of the Rep fees (Amount / # of players), any buy-ice your team may decide to purchase (more common for B and A/AA teams), tournaments (typically $1000 per team for each tournament) and travel.

For example.  A U11B player on a team with a total of 16 players planning to do 2 tournaments would require: $665 Base registration, $256.25 Rep fees ($4100/16), $125 for tournament registration (2 x $1000 / 16), and possibly $100 to help cover buy-ice or other team-based activities.  The total budget for this player would be ~$1150, not including travel costs (gas, hotels if staying overnight, food, etc.) and equipment.

Higher-level teams typically attend more tournaments and travel more for regular games (going as far as Cape Breton, Yarmouth, and potentially to tournaments in New Brunswick or PEI). 

Payment Plans and Timing

Please be aware of the following important payment deadlines and options:

  • Registration fees may either be paid through the Teamsnap app, or by e-transfer to treasurer@westhantswarriors.com
  • Payment can be made in whole, or over 3 equal installments. If paid in 3 installments, the first is due at the time of registration, with the remaining 2 installments due on October 15th and November 15th
  • No player can participate in Tryouts without having registered and paid their first installment. If a player decides to move to another association after tryouts but before the season has started, a refund can be provided (minus tryout fees).
  • All registration fees must be paid by December 1st for a player to be allowed to remain rostered with a team.

Rep fees (when applicable) and other team-related expenses are collected by the team treasurer, with the amount required from each parent often dependent on fundraising plans.  While each team may differ in the dates they require payment of contributions from parents, Rep fees and first payments for things like buy ice and tournament registrations often are due in early December. You should be prepared to cover these expenses by December 1st at the latest.


Teams are allowed to fundraise, subject to approval of each fundraising activity by our fundraising coordinator.  There are limitations on what teams are allowed to do, specifically limiting requests for support from local companies to only those which you have a personal connection with.   Jersey sponsors are permitted and are typically managed at the team level unless a company is looking to sponsor a player’s base registration fees. 

If you have a company looking to sponsor base registration fees for your player, please contact treasurer@westhantswarriors.com for more information.

Any excess funds raised by a team are typically credited back to the individual player’s accounts for use against the next year’s registration fees. 

Financial Supports

Limited financial support may be available through community sponsorship programs such as Jumpstart, the Hockey Canada Assist Fund, or Sport Nova Scotia’s Kidsport program. 

If you are applying for any of these support programs, please contact treasurer@westhantswarriors.com so we are aware and can adjust your payments.  Funds for these programs are mailed directly to our association from Kidsport/Jumpstart and will be credited to your account once received. 

Our association also received requests each year from local companies who are looking to support players who would otherwise have a difficult time affording hockey.  Please contact treasurer@westhantswarriors.com or president@westhantswarriors.com if you are in need of support so that we can discuss what might be possible.