50/50 Information

2019-20 50/50 Fundraiser:
This year’s 50-50 will be held monthly from October through March. Each player will be responsible to sell a minimum of 20 tickets for each of the six draws. The goal of this fundraiser is to help offset the rising cost of hockey to our members. The 50-50 was very successful last year with over $38,000 in player accounts at the end of the season.
How it works:
For every 20 tickets ($40) sold:
$20 goes to the pot
$10 goes to our association
$8 dollars goes to players account
$2 dollars goes to ticket printing and licensing
Any tickets sold over the monthly required 20 all profits will go to players account ($0.90 for every $2 ticket).
So the more you sell the more you make!
20 tickets per month
$2 per ticket =$40
x 6 draws =120 tickets ($240)
1 ticket = $2
$1 to pot
.50 to association
.40 to player
.10 to ticket printing and licence
Anyone wishing to opt out of the 50/50 fundraiser can pay $100 at registration.

Hayley MacAusland