50/50 Rules

West Hants Minor Hockey Association 50-50 Fundraiser House Rules:

The 2019/2020 50-50 Draws will be held monthly on:

October 24
November 21
December 19
January 16
February 13
March 12

-Draws will take place at the Brooklyn Rink on Thursday evenings (on the above dates).
-Draws will be recorded and posted to both our West Hants Warriors 50-50 Facebook page and our team snap web page at 9pm (www.westhantswarrios.com)
-All tickets sold for the draw will be entered in a large drum and mixed up. One winner will be selected each month.
-The winner will be called by a member of our 50/50 committee and a check mailed out  within 3 business days to the winners address.
-A second draw will be made for any unclaimed prizes after a period of 90 days of the original draw date
-A minimum of two member of our 50-50 committee will be present during each draw.
-WHWHA 50-50 committee members will collect and track all monies in a sperate account and keep records of player accounts.
-A final report and 2.13% of winning will be paid to lottery commission.
-Player account balances will be available for players to use toward their hockey registration or team fees through WHMHA.
-Each player will be responsible to sell a minimum of 20 tickets for each of the six draws. The goal of this fundraiser is to help offset the rising cost of hockey to our members.

How it works:
For every 20 tickets ($40) sold:
$20 goes to the pot
$10 goes to our association
$8 dollars goes to players account
$2 dollars goes to ticket printing and licensing

Any tickets sold over the monthly required 20 all profits will go to players account ($0.90 for every $2 ticket).
So the more you sell the more you make!

20 tickets per month
$2 per ticket =$40
x 6 draws =120 tickets ($240)

1 ticket = $2
$1 to pot
.50 to association
.40 to player
.10 to ticket printing and licence