We are very Happy to have a temporary schedule out to get us started for the season. Our ice chair has been working very hard to get something together, and it has been challenging with only one operating ice surface at this time, as we await the opening of our second new facility in our community.

Obviously we will come across a few small errors as we move forward in such a short period of time trying to get communication across to all levels so we can begin our season next week. At this time we realize there is an issue in the schedule at the U13 level, as in the levels of teams listed, at this time. I would like to make it clear, there has been no determination in levels of play at U13, for the upcoming season. As a group we were just trying to get a schedule out to all so people could start looking at when and where ice times maybe. At U13 we will be having 3 teams of play, but at this time we have not determined what those will be. We will wait till all evaluations are done on each player, to determine what levels of play will be offered. We have a great group of dedicated evaluators, (Valley Maple Leaf’s Staff), working extremely hard to provide us with appropriate information on each age group so we as an Association, can make the right decisions on what levels of play are best for us to offer at U13 for the proper development of our  players.

Please click here for the current schedule

Thank you,

Jamie Leighton

Doh whmh

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